CEO Keynote Panel-Emerging Stronger from the Downturn

Be better, stronger, faster, - this is the driving force propelling today’s IT leaders emerging from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The old adage, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” proves apropos. The lessons learned these past few years take on a new dimension as the framework for innovation. Change is in the air. New business approaches and competitive models stress effective and sustainable practices. Companies responded to the financial crisis by cutting costs and capacity to meet operating budgets. They are leaner, more efficient and nimble. Moving forward, the questions now focus on leveraging a strategy with corporate spending to support escalating rebound momentum. The road to recovery, rather than littered in guesswork, points to strategic positioning. New market opportunities become clear as customers re-evaluate their purchasing parameters and potentially shift brand alliances.

This distinguished keynote panel of CEOs will share their thoughts on how their companies achieved a robust success-oriented trajectory in addition to the critical areas of investments they found necessary to support their goals and the expectation each has for the CIOs in their organizations to drive business value.

Ms. Sharyn Leaver
VP and Role Manager
Forrester Research
, Mr. Bob Brennan
President and CEO
Iron Mountain
, Mr. Chris Capossela
Information Worker Product Management Group Microsoft
, Mr. Sundar Subramaniam
Chairman and Founder
Knome and Cambridge Technology Enterprises