CIO Keynote Panel-Solving the CIO Paradox

As companies expand, restructure or downsize to meet market situations, the CIO’s role is also changing, becoming ever more complicated and challenging. Businesses today require CIOs to help them grow strategically, contain costs effectively and mitigate risks efficiently all at the same time. Inheriting legacy applications running on inflexible IT infrastructure as well as architecting next generation and new applications amidst a data explosion with increasing demand for lower cost data centers is considered par for the course. The complexity of the CIO role and these management decisions highlight the multiple paradoxes faced by the CIO. CIOs hold critical and strategic responsibilities in a company’s executive team and yet they may be boxed into traditional “information management,” roles

. In this keynote panel, CIOs of leading corporations will address cost containment versus innovation, the perception of being seen as enablers versus drivers, and ponder the question of why many holding this critical role are not even members of the executive team.

Ms. Maryfran Johnson
Editor in Chief
CIO Magazine and Events
, Ms. Anne Margulies
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
, Mr. Bill Brown
Iron Mountain Inc.
, Mr. James M. McGlennon
Liberty Mutual Group
, Mr. Tom Pyke
Former CIO
U.S. Department of Energy