The Internet of Things - a network of Internet-enabled objects

(Produced in cooperation with McKinsey & Company)

Predictable pathways of information are changing as the physical world itself is becoming an information system. In what is called the Internet of Things, sensors and tiny devices (actuators) embedded in physical objects such as roadways and pacemakers, are linked through wired and/or wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet. This network churns out huge volumes of data which flow to computers for analysis. What is revolutionary in all of this, is that these information systems work largely without human intervention. CIOs will have to develop new capabilities within their organizations to understand, manage and support complex, distributed, embedded systems that will exist outside the walls of the data center or even the remote office. They are charged with breaking down the traditional barriers of business, including IT alignment. They must take the lead in making the existing products of their companies smart through the use of embedded technologies.

In this panel in cooperation with McKinsey & Company and moderated by Michael Chui, we will expand on his recent McKinsey Quarterly article and explore where and how the most business value will be realized from The Internet of Things.

Dr. Michael Chui
Sr. Fellow
McKinsey Global Institute
Mr. Robert LeFort
Prof. Sanjay Sarma
Professor and Former Chairman of Research and Co-Founder of The Auto-ID Center at MIT
Mr. Bob Metcalfe
Mr. Mark Roberti
RFID Journal