PM Keynote Panel-
Cloud Computing - Strategic Implications, Security, Business Model

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hails technology as the gift that keeps on giving. If technology is the gift, than Cloud Computing is the ribbon around it. Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive for Google®, claims cloud computing to be the “defining technological shift of our generation,” noting that its impact on technology and business may prove more significant than the PC revolution of the 1980s. It is likely to equally impact a vast spectrum of professionals. Harnessing this momentous shift in how businesses leverage IT services falls on the CIO. It is important that both business leaders and IT professionals understand Cloud computing holistically, approaching it technology and traditional business models.

This keynote panel will address the practicality and applications necessary to ensure that Cloud applications and services fit seamlessly into existing processes. Strategically, this objective only can be achieved for enterprise level IT processes if applications running in the Cloud conform to established security and governance policies. Concurrently they must integrate with existing systems and operational procedures without disrupting existing budgets.

Mr. Daryl Plummer
Group VP at Gartner, Inc and Information Technology and Services Consultant
Mr. Trae Chancellor
VP of Enterprise Strategy
Mr. Mark Forman
Leader - Federal Performance and Technology Advisory Services, KPMG
Mr. Michael Kirwan
Mr. Sanjay Mirchandani
SVP and CIO, EMC Corporation