Ms. Julie Boughn
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Since May 2006, Julie has served as the Chief Information Officer and Director of the Office of Information Services at CMS. Leading a staff of over 350 people, and a cadre of several thousand contractors, Julie is responsible for the major information technology (IT) development projects, maintaining mission critical operational systems and supporting the largest repositories of health care information in the world. She also has oversight responsibility for information security and privacy, IT investment management, and compliance with government-wide and department standards for IT.

Julie joined CMS in September 2000, and has held various positions including leading the agency’s Information Security Program, the CMS IT Revitalization Program, and serving as Program Manager for the Agency’s IT development work required to implement the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. Prior to joining CMS, Julie spent 15 years in the Social Security Administration’s Office of Systems.

In addition to the IT implementation of Medicare Part D, her recent accomplishments include: designing and awarding the innovative Enterprise Systems Delivery contract vehicle, a 10-year, multi-billion dollar procurement for application software development and maintenance; completing the CMS Enterprise Data Center strategy to consolidate all CMS production data center operations into 3 physical sites; and implementing the CMS Integrated Data Repository (IDR), a 10-billion row (and growing!) relational database that integrates Medicare program data from 2006 to the present. The IDR was a critical component in CMS’ recent development of a Medicare “dashboard” that presents Medicare hospital insurance statistics in an interactive and user-friendly format.

“I am humbled to work in an agency like CMS with such an important public service mission, and I am proud to work with the best IT team in all of government to implement the most important health insurance programs in the country.”

Julie holds an M.S degree from Johns Hopkins University and MBA and B.S. degrees from the University of Maryland.