Mr. Marco Orellana

Marco Orellana, with 25 years of experience in applying IT for Mining, is Chief Information Officer of Codelco since 2003, the largest copper producing company in the world. He is responsible for developing new strategies for the mining business through the application of information, automation and communication technologies.

Marco is also a board member at Micomo, a joint venture between Codelco and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT). Its goal is to adapt and commercialize services based on advanced information and communication technologies to meet the growing demands of the mining sector and other productive companies.

In 2007, for the achievements in innovation with his project "Digital Codelco", Marco won the award for Strategic IT Management from Universidad Catolica de Chile (one of the top business schools in South America). This is a 10-year project, conceived by the IT department and later adopted by the board as part of their business strategy. Managing knowledge as an asset and acquiring adaptability as part of the business culture are two of its goals.