Dr. Daxi Li
Chinese Association for Science and Business

Daxi Li received his Ph.D. in physics from CUNY and continued his research in McGill University, CCNY and NYIT. Then, he worked in Salomon Brothers Inc. and Lehman Brothers Inc. in Wall Street for over 10 years. As a Director of Board, he oversees the investment and auditing of United Orient Bank.

Dr. Li Founded the Chinese Association of Science & Business (CASB) in 1997. He organized a series of important international conferences to promote hi-tech development, venture capital and banking reform in China. Dr. Li presented the recommendation about Chinese currency exchange rate and other risk control measures in 1997 which were appreciated by the central government.

In March 2005 he presented a book of ‘CASB suggestions to the China’s 11th Five-Year Plan’ at the China National Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He advises several important local governments. He is a co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Student Venture Park. He is actively working with MIT Global Initiatives to promote innovation and collaboration between MIT and China.